July 2, 2018

With the fireworks season upon us, the city declares its support for the efforts of the Lone Peak Fire Department to limit fire risk in our community by adopting an Ordinance, which outlines the following restrictions:

  • Fireworks: All aerial and non-stationary fireworks, i.e. ground flower types, are prohibited inside and within 200 feet of the highlighted areas of the accompanying map and within 200 feet of any undeveloped lot. Additionally, ALL fireworks and aerials are prohibited in city parks, the golf course, and all other city-owned properties.
  • Open Fires: All open fires east of Canyon Road within city limits are prohibited, unless a screen is used.

NOTE: The State Legislature shortened the timeframe for fireworks: Fireworks are allowed to be used from 11am to 11pm on July 2-5, with the time being extended to midnight on the 4th. For the Pioneer holiday, July 22-25, from 11am to 11pm, with the time being extended to midnight on the 24th.

Cedar Hills officials and staff wish all residents a fun and safe summer. Please use caution and good judgement when using fireworks or building open fires. For any questions please contact the City of Cedar Hills at (801) 785-9668, ext. 100.