The City of Cedar Hills will conduct the 2015 Primary and General Municipal Election entirely by mail. Registered voters are not required to apply for the vote-by-mail ballot; each registered voter will be mailed a ballot from the city with instructions for returning to the city.

When will I receive my ballot?

Ballots are mailed approximately 30 days before an election. Ballots for the Primary Election will be mailed by Tuesday, July 14; and for the General Election by Tuesday, October 6. 

What happens if my ballot is undeliverable?

Ballots cannot and will not be forwarded by the postal service. All ballots that are determined undeliverable are returned to the clerk’s office.

What if I lose (or never receive) my ballot?

If you have not received your ballot within two weeks after they are mailed, call the Cedar Hills city office. Your voter registration will be checked to ensure that the name and mailing address are correct. If the address is correct, a replacement ballot will be sent. If your personal information has changed, your voter registration will need to be updated and a new ballot will be sent.

Can I pick up a ballot for a neighbor, child, or parent?

No. Ballots must be mailed to the registered voter’s residential or mailing address. We cannot give or mail ballots to anyone other than the voter.

When must my ballot be returned?

Ballots must be mailed and clearly postmarked before Election Day, or placed in the ballot box at the Cedar Hills city office building by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

What if I make a mistake marking my ballot?

If you make a mistake marking your ballot, cross through the incorrect box and name. Fill in the correct box and circle both the box and name of the correct choice. Make your intent clear. Do not sign or initial your error.

Can two ballots be returned in the same envelope?

No. There should only be one ballot in each envelope. We must have an affidavit for each ballot.

Why do I need to sign the ballot affidavit on the envelope?

This confirms the voter’s identity. We compare the signature on the affidavit to your signature on your voter registration form.

What if my signature has changed?

Complete a new voter registration form and submit it to the Utah County Elections Division.

What if I forgot to sign the affidavit on the envelope before I sealed it?

If you are not sure whether you signed your affidavit, sign the outside of the envelope.

What if I signed another voter’s affidavit?

Cross off the wrong signature and sign the correct affidavit. If the envelope has already been sealed, you may sign the outside of the envelope.

Do I have to return my ballot by mail?

No. Ballots may also be returned to the Cedar Hills city office building, 10246 N Canyon Road. Ballots being returned in person must be received by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.