June 23, 2014

Come join us for this year’s Family Festival “Blast Off” Geocaching Challenge. It’s going to be fun for the entire family. The coordinates to the first location can be found below. The first cache will give the coordinates for the next, and so on, until you find all three in the series. On Saturday, June 28, between 11:00 and 3:00, bring the “Launch Code,” located in the final cache, to the Family Festival geocaching booth at Heritage Park. Everyone who participates will be entered to win two rounds of golf at the Cedar Hills Golf Club. There will be more details at the booth.

Here are the instructions, rules, and a few things to remember:

1.       Leave the containers just as you find them. Others will be looking for them, too.

2.       Take only one slip of paper, which gives the coordinates to the next location.

3.       The last container will have the “Launch Code,” which you will need to bring to the Festival booth to initiate the launch sequence to fire off the CANDY CANNON and receive your prizes.

4.       You can Google search the coordinates if you don’t have a GPS. Click on “satellite” in the bottom left-hand corner to see a satellite image.

5.       If you have troubles or suspect the cache was taken, please e-mail me at: nicojo_8@yahoo.com.

Here are the coordinates for the first location: 



Hint: Where the golf course takes out the trash