The Citizen Kit is an all-around emergency kit for home or auto.

As part of the Safe Community USA nonprofit public service program, Lone Peak Emergency Medical Services is offering the public the opportunity to purchase emergency medical kits at cost. Each kit contains the same types of items used by emergency medical professionals. For every kit purchased, Lone Peak EMS will receive $5.00 to help purchase needed medical equipment as well as emergency training in our community.

The Citizen Kit is an excellent all-around emergency kit for home or auto. Also available is a Police Car Kit, which includes everything in the citizen kit, as well as larger trauma dressings, EMT shears, and a full CPR pocket face mask. In addition, there is a Family/Group Kit available. For a complete list of the contents of all three kits, please visit Safe Community USA.

These kits make great gifts and are an excellent way to be more prepared. In 95% of all emergencies, bystanders or victims themselves are the first to provide emergency assistance or to perform a rescue.

The Citizen Kit is available at the Highland City fire station. The Police Car Kit and Family/Group Kit may be ordered online at Safe Community USA or by calling 1-385-223-0027. An additional cost for shipping will apply, if ordered online.