October 24, 2019

What do you do when your area is hit with an earthquake, mudslide, tornado, chemical spill, gas-main break, or even a prolonged power outage? How can you efficiently communicate your needs or your location to first responders? 

Thanks to Kyler Smith and his idea for an Eagle Scout Project, you can now download and print a FREE communication tool that is in conjunction with the Cedar Hills Public Safety Department and the American Fork Fire Department. 

You will be able to tell first responders or neighbors your condition and location from a glance with these signs placed in a window or on a door.

  • Red – Urgent Assistance Needed
  • Yellow – Help Needed Not Urgent
  • Green – No assistance needed
  • Blue – Need Medical
  • White – See other instructions
  • Black – Fatality 

Emergency Self-Triage Intructions

 Printable Signs

You never know when a disaster may occur.

– Kyler Smith Eagle Project 2019