Cedar Hills City Offices and Public Works Facility, 10246 N Canyon Road

Main Office

Phone: 801-785-9668
Fax: 801-796-3543
E-mail: aandersen@cedarhills.org

Location & Mailing Address
City of Cedar Hills
10246 N. Canyon Road
Cedar Hills, UT 84062

After-Hours Emergency:
(water, sewer, roads) 801-420-2243

City Staff

City Manager/Planning
Chandler Goodwin
Ext. 101 cgoodwin@cedarhills.org
Gretchen Gordon, Executive Assistant Executive Assistant
Gretchen Gordon
Ext. 102 gordon@cedarhills.org
Administrative Assistant/Front Desk
Alex Andersen
Ext. 100 aandersen@cedarhills.org
Colleen Mulvey, City Recorder City Recorder/Passports
Colleen Mulvey MMC
Ext. 503 cmulvey@cedarhills.org
Administrative Analyst
Heather Cathey
Ext. 104 hcathey@cedarhills.org
Charl Louw, Finance Director Finance Director
Charl Louw
Ext. 401 clouw@cedarhills.org
Finance Analyst (Payables)
Dax Fossum
Ext. 402 accountspayable@cedarhills.org
Accounting Associate (Utility Accounts)
Tylyn Carlson
Ext. 400 utilitybilling@cedarhills.org
Jeff Maag, Public Works Director Building Official
Jeff Maag
Ext. 204 jmaag@cedarhills.org
Public Works Director
Kevin Anderson
Ext. 202 kanderson@cedarhills.org
Public Works Assistant
Melanie Clark
Ext. 200 mclark@cedarhills.org
Building Assistant 
Sarah Sampson
Ext. 204 ssampson@cedarhills.org
Parks Supervisor 
Tyler Gibbitas
Ext. 200 tgibbitas@cedarhills.org
Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer
Jenny Peay
Ext. 500 jpeay@cedarhills.org
Janeen (Jake) Parduhn, Management Analyst Business Licensing
Janeen (Jake) Parduhn 
 Ext. 504  jparduhn@cedarhills.org
Greg Gordon, Recreation Director Recreation Director
Greg Gordon
Ext. 601 ggordon@cedarhills.org
Recreation Coordinator
Natalie Proctor
Ext. 302 nproctor@cedarhills.org
Nicole Allen, Youth Theater Coordinator Youth Theater Coordinator
Nicole Allen
Becky Galloway, Vista Room Events Manager Vista Room Events Manager
Becky Galloway
Ext. 300 events@cedarhills.org
Golf Operations Manager
Wade Doyle
Ext. 603 wdoyle@cedarhills.org
Denise Andersen, City Council MemberMayor Denise Andersen801-785-9668 ext. 151dandersen@cedarhills.org
Mike Geddes, City Council MemberMike Geddes801-787-8238mgeddes@cedarhills.org
Ben Ellsworth, City Council MemberBen Ellsworth805-236-0814bellsworth@cedarhills.org
Brian Miller, City Council MemberBrian J. Miller801-920-7534bmiller@cedarhills.org
Kelly Smith801-663-4254ksmith@cedarhills.org
Laura Ellisonlellison@cedarhills.org
Alexandra McEwenamcewen@cedarhills.org

City Government: Mayor and City Council

Utah State Government

House (District 65)
Senate (District 27)
Congress (3rd District)

Safety Services

EMERGENCY (fire, medical, police)911
Non-Emergency Dispatch (24-hour service)801-794-3970
Police (American Fork)801-763-3020
Animal Control (American Fork)801-763-3020
Deer Removal within Cedar Hills – Call the Division of Wildlife Services (DWR)801-491-5678
Deer Removal on Canyon Road – Call Eco Life435-283-6002
Rocks on S.R. 146 (Canyon Road) and S.R. 92 (Highland Highway) – Call Utah County Sheriff Dispatch801-851-4000
Fire Department (American Fork)801-763-3040

Public Schools

Cedar Ridge Elementary801-610-8103
Deerfield Elementary801-610-8106
Mountain Ridge Jr. High801-610-8758
Lone Peak High School801-610-8810
American Fork High School801-610-8575
Alpine School District801-610-8400

Other Community Services/Utilities

Post Office (Pleasant Grove)801-785-5589
Rocky Mountain Power (electricity)1-888-221-7070
Dominion Energy (formerly Questar Gas)1-800-323-5517
Waste Management (call city office for toter management)801-785-9668, ext. 0
Waste Management 24-hour Call Center (call for missed pickup)801-785-3000, option 4
North Pointe SWSSD – Landfill Transfer Station (Lindon)801-225-8538
Timpanogos Special Service District (sewer treatment)801-756-5231
Animal Shelter (Lindon)801-785-3442
Motor Vehicle Title & Registration1-800-368-8824
Driver License Office (Orem)801-965-4437
Passports (Cedar Hills)801-785-9668, ext. 503
Request Phone Book (Dex Distribution Center)1-800-888-8448
Social Security Administration801-377-5651
UDOT Region 3 Orem Office801-227-8000
United Way Referral ServiceDial 211
Utah County Elections Office801-851-8128
Utah County Health Dept. (American Fork)801-851-7333
Utah County Treasurer (property taxes)801-851-8244
US Forest Service (Ranger Station)801-785-3563
Poison Control1-800-222-1222
Blue Stakes (Call before you dig!)dial 811
USU Extension Services (report bee swarms)801-851-8463