October 21, 2020

When you think of the best and most fun family Halloween activities, memories of trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, all decked out in your best Halloween costume, visiting the nearest pumpkin patch on the perfect crisp, fall afternoon to find that perfect gourd to carve up, or eating the most delectable Halloween treats till you pass out from a sugar overload, are likely to come to mind. This year might just be a little different.

Most of 2020 has been altered by COVID, and the spookiest night of the year will likely be no different. However, Halloween hasn’t ghosted us yet. Will there be trick-or-treating, costumes, parties? Will people even feel comfortable being “scary” during COVID-19? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, we’ve started compiling a list of ideas for how to safely get your spook on in 2020.

  • Decorate your house to the MAX: Haunt  the neighborhood with store-bought or DIY (or shall we say boo-it-yourself) Halloween decorations to transform the inside of your home, porch and more. 
  • Drive-by costume parade: A fun way to showcase your costume! People also decorate bikes, wagons, golf carts and cars to show off their looks! Halloween movie marathon: You can choose to do this one via a projector in the backyard, or just with your family bubble on the couch. Pop some popcorn and throw on your favorite spooky movies and TV shows.
  • Drive-Thru haunted house: Haunted houses will certainly look different this year, too. But drive thru, contact-free Halloween experiences are starting to make headlines. Search online for “haunted roads” or “drive thru haunted houses” to see if there is one near you!