Bayhill Park

The council received two bids for Bayhill Park, with the lowest bid at $518,974, not including any park equipment. Contractors are very busy right now with the increased level of building throughout the county. A representative from Bowen Collins & Associates, which is organizing the bids, indicated we may be able to get some lower bids if we waited a little longer. The council voted unanimously to have staff submit a new call for bids immediately, with the bids being broken out into line items so we can see where some cost savings can be achieved. The council asked that the bids specify January 2017 as a start date with completion date in June 2017.

Moratorium on Renewable Energy Permits

The council enacted a short moratorium on issuing permits for installation of renewable energy systems (e.g. solar, wind), excluding roof-mounted solar panels, so that the Planning Commission and Council will have time to enact proposed code that would establish standards to mitigate any impacts to neighbors.

City Participates in Development Grant

The council voted to allow the city to participate in the Utah County Community Development Block Grant, along with numerous other cities in Utah County. This grant allows the county to receive approximately $1.2 million in federal money yearly to assist in programs supporting low and moderate income people. Past funding has been used to renovate a senior center in Lindon and to provide the Meals on Wheels program.

From Council Member Jenney Rees

One of the things our city is known for is our amazing parks and trails system. Thanks to the hard work of the Parks & Trails Committee and city staff, our next park has been approved for completion by June 2017! For more information and to see preliminary park plans, please visit my blog at 

Council Corner items submitted by Daniel Zappala