School District Bond: Rob Smith, the Assistant Superintendent for Alpine School District, presented to the council regarding the proposed Alpine School District bond, which will be on the ballot for November 8. Due to the large growth within the district, there is a need for new schools. The proposed $387 million bond will be used 68% for new school construction and 23% for rebuilding existing schools. Because the district is paying off some past bonds, there will be no net tax increase for residents. Information on the bond can be found at:

Nets at the Driving Range: The council had previously made a decision to install higher nets at the golf course driving range to protect residents walking along Cottonwood Drive and playing at Mesquite Park from errant golf balls. The materials for this project have been delivered and work should be progressing on this soon.

Ownership of Canyon Road: The council discussed an inter-local agreement drafted by Utah County regarding ownership of Canyon Road. The County proposes using $9.35 million, arranged by MAG, to improve Canyon Road, covering some of the most pressing safety issues, repaving the road, and installing some curb and gutter. In return, the County would like Cedar Hills to take ownership of the road north of Murdock Canal in 30 years and pay for maintenance of the road, including striping, potholes, storm drain maintenance, snow removal, police coverage, etc. The maintenance is estimated to cost $15K to $20K per year, and the costs after 30 years are unknown but assumed to be large when significant work is needed on the road. The council voted to reject the agreement and ask the county to fix the road regardless of any agreement, because of the persistent safety issues and poor condition of the road. The council would also like to meet with Pleasant Grove and County officials to discuss the future of the road.

CARE Tax Discussion: The council held a short discussion of the CARE tax that will be on the ballot this election. This is a 0.10% sales tax that helps pay for recreation and arts programs in the city. In past years, this has helped pay for the Heritage Park basketball court, community center basement, Mesquite Park bathroom, and various arts committee events. It will also help pay for Bayhill Park and Heritage Park improvements in the next year.

Two council members have updates this month:

Jenney Rees: This year we will decide whether or not to renew our Cultural Arts and Recreation (CARE) tax. I am in favor and voting yes. By collecting this small sales tax, residents and non-residents who shop in Cedar Hills assist in generating funds for arts and recreational programs in Cedar Hills. For additional information, please visit:

Rob Crawley: We need God’s help in the affairs of our country and our communities now more than ever. Many are uniting in fasting and prayer on November 5 and 6. I would like to call on those who are so inclined to join with this effort. See more at:

Council Corner items submitted by Daniel Zappala