The Council met in two regularly scheduled meetings in January. A few of the items that passed include:

1) Budget amendments for the current fiscal year to handle increased legal expenses and to account for revenues generated from the newly added passport services.

2) Council assignments for the upcoming year.

3) Approval of a resolution supporting the Murdock Connector Road, which is an east/west road being proposed to connect the cities of American Fork, Highland, and Cedar Hills and located just south of Lone Peak High School.

The Council also attended the annual budget retreat to make preliminary plans for the fiscal year 2018 budget.

Emailed City Meeting Agendas

If you are interested in receiving emailed agendas regarding future Council or Planning Commission meetings, please sign up online on the city’s website. The Council will soon begin in-depth discussions on the upcoming budget and services for next year and welcomes your input and feedback.

Upcoming Meetings of Interest to Residents

There are two upcoming meetings that residents are invited to attend that could have a significant impact on the budget and future of the city. The first is a presentation on a study completed by Lone Peak Public Safety. The second is a Board of Adjustment appeal made by Rosegate, the developer who wants to build a residential facility south of Walmart. For more detailed information on the meetings, including locations and times, please visit

Submitted by Jenney Rees, Councilmember