June 28, 2019

On Monday, July 1st and Tuesday, July 2nd road work will begin in the Canyon Heights area. Portions of the road will be closed for 30-60 minute segments throughout these two days to prepare for additional resurfacing work which is scheduled for July 9th, 10th, and 12th. Please be patient and courteous as this work is being completed. The following roads will be effected: Canyon Heights Drive, Mill Creek Cove, Bear Canyon Lane, and Tibble Fork Circle.

Since Monday, July 1st is a scheduled garbage day, we are asking residents who live on the effected roads to please assist the contractor by wheeling their garbage toter to the sidewalk instead of placing it into the roadway. This will help to minimize road closure time while still allowing garbage collection to be completed.

Thank You for your patience!




The City has just been notified that the construction on 2 of the roads in Canyon Heights will be rescheduled. The areas in BLUE will be finished together on Thursday, July 25th. You will be receiving a notice on your doors the day before the project starts up. 
Any road work related questions, please call Teresa Ortiz Project Manager | Holbrook Asphalt
Utah: 435-272-4011