July 12, 2017

CEDAR HILLS –The City of Cedar Hills will continue to implement outdoor watering restrictions for all residential water users within the city. The restrictions regulate proper water management, regardless of drought levels. According to the Division of Natural Resources, even with watering restrictions, most people use twice as much water as their lawns need. This policy is in effect during the 2017-18 landscape watering season.  

All house numbers ending in odd numbers will be allowed to water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All house numbers ending in even numbers will be allowed to water Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Additionally, spot watering with a hose is allowed on Sundays. Restrictions will be enforced with a warning for the first violation, a $50 fine for the second violation, and a $200 fine for the third and subsequent violations. 

Commercial, church, park, and golf properties may be on different schedules, including daytime watering, to offset water demand. 

The city encourages residential properties to follow the water conservation recommendations of the State of Utah, such as not watering during the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. In addition, residential landscape irrigation plans should be evaluated throughout the watering season to account for cooler temperatures in May and September, changing weather conditions, varying soil types, plant materials, maturity of lawn and landscaping, and reviewing the necessary steps for achieving a healthy lawn.  

We appreciate the continued efforts of residents in helping to conserve our water resources. For information about conservation tips, water education, rebates, and conservation plans please visit conservewater.utah.gov.