October 30, 2014

Great news! The City of Cedar Hills recently received two large government grants to supplement city expenses in forestry and emergency management. A forestry grant in the amount of $8,000 was awarded for tree removal, pruning, and invasive species control in city parks and along city trails. In addition, an emergency management performance grant was allocated in the amount of $10,000 to assist in supplementing necessary expenses for emergency supplies and equipment, assuring that city emergency management programs will be successful.

“The city is very fortunate,” explains City Manager David Bunker, “in that few cities in Utah were selected for funding, as most of the monies were awarded to county governments. Laurie Petersen, the city’s administrative analyst and emergency management specialist, has worked with us for several months gathering the necessary information to apply for the grants.”

But the work for Petersen and the city staff isn’t completed once the grants are awarded. Recipients are required to submit financial reimbursement and expense forms, along with progress reports. Receiving future grants can be directly affected by compliance to meeting specific guidelines and standards. Adherence to deadlines, submittal of all reports, and completion of performance standards and goals are key factors in being considered for future awards.

In addition to overseeing grant researching and eligibility requirements, the administrative analyst provides services to the city in other related areas, including planning and organizing the city’s emergency preparedness town hall meetings, overseeing FEMA training and certification to ensure the city’s compliance and eligibility to qualify for other revenue streams, and representing the city in interlocal emergency preparedness activities with the Lone Peak Fire District and with Utah county.