June 20, 2014

We appreciate the positive response the City received from residents regarding our request to limit outdoor irrigation use. Thank you for all of the encouraging feedback. Some residents expressed concern about sprinklers running at Heritage Park during Tuesday’s storm. We just want to make a quick clarification on this to reaffirm our support for water conservation. Each Tuesday, the City’s park maintenance contractor is scheduled to mow and complete repairs in our City parks. Although it was raining, the contractor had energized the irrigation system to perform maintenance, so some may have seen the sprinklers briefly running during the storm. Once the repair was completed, the system was turned off. 

Although the irrigation systems at our parks and golf course are extremely complicated and extensive, City employees were dispatched to delay the normal irrigation schedule because of the heavy rains. Cedar Hills is committed to leading out when it comes to wise use of water throughout the City. Several of our parks are equipped with rain-sensors and more are being added to minimize water consumption during rainy weather. We encourage residents to contact the City in the event that we are unaware of a problem or concern which may reduce conservation efforts.

Thank you for making Cedar Hills a great place to live!