Youth sports help to develop skills, responsibility, and good sportsmanship. Parents and coaches of children participating in Cedar Hills Youth Sports are expected to set a good example for their child, as well as the other children participating. This Coach Code of Conduct has been developed to help clarify and define the standards expected from participants of Cedar Hills Youth Sports.  

  1. Coaches should not place the value of winning over the safety and welfare of the players.
  2. Coaches should show respect towards all players, parents, and officials.
  3. Coaches should be aware of the rules of the game and should adhere to those rules.
  4. Coaches should not tolerate any inappropriate behavior from players.
  5. Coaches should not engage in any physical or verbal confrontation with any player, parent, coach, or official.
  6. Coaches should provide their players with instruction on the rules of the game.
  7. Coaches should demand an environment free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.
  8. Coaches should accept responsibility of team leadership and should be responsible for the actions of the players, officials, and spectators.  

Failure to abide by these regulations may result in removal from league play.

Print: City of Cedar Hills Child Protection Policy and Coach Code of Conduct