July 3, 2013

On July 2, the City Council adopted a resolution prohibiting the use of ALL fireworks and open fires throughout the ENTIRE city. The decision was made after an extensive review of the current weather conditions and water shortages throughout the area. Additionally, input was received from our fire chief, fire marshall, and City staff. This order is in place until further notice.

The safety of Cedar Hills is the first priority for our elected officials. For that reason, the Mayor and Council felt that a city-wide order was the most prudent option to protect our community, our firefighters, and our water resources. We appreciate your compliance and will support police and fire personnel as they enforce this order. 

Recent update from Lone Peak Fire Marshal Ben Bailey:

We understand that these bans can be frustrating. Just to give some information on the risks, in the past two weeks Lone Peak Fire District responded to eight fires. Six of these fires were wild land fires, and the other two were dumpster fires, of which one burned into a home. The two dumpster fires were started by fireworks. Of the six wild land fires two were caused by fireworks, one was a recreational shooter, one was an illegal burning that got out of control, and the other two are under investigation, but were human caused, most likely from an open fire. As far as enforcement, both police and fire departments are more interested in educating people on the resolution than issuing fines. Most people will be given a warning; however, they may receive a citation if they disregard that warning or are involved in specific dangerous activities (such as the teenagers that were lighting fireworks and throwing them out of their car window on 11000 North).