Submitted by Councilmember Jenney Rees

The City Council only met once in November, but addressed and took action on the following items:

1. Completed a canvass of the 2017 municipal election. The results show that Jenney Rees will serve a 4-year term as mayor, and Denise Andersen and Ben Ellsworth will serve 4-year terms as members of the City Council.

2. The Council amended the ordinance related to premise occupa-tions. The original ordinance allowed residents along Canyon Road, who live on one acre, to have a separate building on their lot that can be used for certain home-based businesses. After a resident who lives on Canyon Road approached the city wanting to start a bicycle repair shop, the Council amended the ordi-nance to reduce the lot size requirement to 0.5 of an acre and also changed the language to only require a background check if the business will deal with children.

3. Voted to approve Walmart’s request to add blue behind their name and logo on the front of their store in Cedar Hills.

4. Accepted the results of the financial audit for fiscal year 2017.

5. Amended the ordinance regarding commercial building plans. Commercial plans will require design plans created by a design professional.

6. Amended the weed ordinance to include lots in all areas within the city. Previously, the areas zoned as public facilities did not have to adhere to the weed nuisance ordinance. There is an ex-ception for large areas of native landscaping, such as the hillside.

7. Approved a new golf cart lease agreement. The new carts will have lithium ion batteries, which will extend battery life and reduce cart maintenance. There was no impact on the current approved budget.

8. Discussed sending requests for proposals for our waste manage-ment and landscaping contracts. These will go out in January.