Submitted by Councilmember Jenney Rees

The following actions were taken by the City Council in July:

  1. A discussion was held on creating a “good neighbor no-fault” policy for residents whose homes suffer damage due to no fault of the homeowner or the city, but where insurance denies a claim. We are finding that basic home-owners insurance doesn’t cover a variety of issues, such as certain types of water damage. We encourage residents to reach out to their homeowners insurance to discuss cover-age options. In instances where the city isn’t negligent, the city’s insurance will not cover damage, which is why Council and staff are researching potential options to help residents who find themselves in this type of situation. A recommendation will come before the Council in a future meeting.
  2. An ordinance was created restricting aerial fireworks east of Canyon Road and in undeveloped areas throughout the city. A map showing restricted areas is available on the city’s website.
  3. A boundary adjustment between Cedar Hills and Pleasant Grove was approved.
  4. Placing an opinion question regarding a potential PARC tax on the November ballot was approved.
  5. A discussion was held regarding private signage on public property. This topic has come up, as many feel the city should allow whoever leases the grill space at the Com-munity Center to place signs on Canyon Road on city property. The city attorney is drafting an opinion on the legalities of changing the ordinance, and this will come back to the Council for further discussion.