At our request, we had a joint meeting with the Pleasant Grove City Council on November 22, 2016, regarding Canyon Road. This was an opportunity to hear where Pleasant Grove was with the agreement and to express our concerns. Also in attendance were Utah County Commissioners Bill Lee and Larry Ellertson, Commissioner-elect Nathan Ivie, Utah County Public Works Director Richard Nielson, Andrew Jackson with MAG, and many staff members from both cities. At the meeting members of the Cedar Hills Council expressed concerns with the safety of Canyon Road and the agreement.

After the meeting was over I spoke with one of the County Commissioners and am cautiously optimistic that something can be done that addresses the issues without hurting our city. I will continue to post updates as more conversations take place.

Please visit: to read more regarding the meeting and the future of Canyon Road, a topic of discussion that has been ongoing for several years.

Submitted by Jenney Rees, Councilmember