Submitted by Councilmember Jenney Rees

The following items were addressed in August by the City Council:

  1. Thirteen-year-old Kylee Wunder was recognized as a Cedar Hills Champion.
  2. Brad Freeman, who recently retired as Chief of the Lone Peak Fire Department, was recognized for his service to the community.
  3. Damage coverage was approved for homes that were flooded after a pressurized irrigation main-line break.
  4. Qualtrics, a survey company, presented their platform and options on how the city could better utilize surveys.
  5. A discussion was held on updating the solicitation ordi-nance to state that commercial flyers cannot be left on doors where there is a no-soliciting sign. This will come back for further discussion.
  6. An update on the County’s plans for Canyon Road was discussed.
  7. A decision was made to discontinue the bookmobile, as the County is now requiring each city to pay per stop. Residents who have a bookmobile card can still use the bookmobile when it stops in other cities, and can also re-ceive a library reimbursement of up to $40 per year from Cedar Hills if a non-resident library card is purchased from another city.
  8. A discussion was held regarding the current deposit re-quired for park rentals that will include inflatables or tents. The Council has directed staff to make changes to the policy to make it easier for residents to reserve park facilities. This could include lowering the deposit amount and allowing for credit card deposits.