Submitted by Councilmember Jenney Rees

The following actions were taken by the Council in March:

·  Chandler Goodwin was appointed as the new City Manager.

· Approval was granted to the Thayne family to boundary adjust their property into the city of Pleasant Grove.

· A bid was awarded to In Site Design Group to create a Parks Master Plan.

· A conditional use permit was given to Walmart allowing them to stage certain items outside during the months of March through October. These include flowers, trees, barbecues, and bikes.

· The Municipal Wastewater Planning Program was adopted.

· An amendment to the Lone Peak Public Safety District was adopted allowing the mayor to appoint any member of the Council to the board on an annual basis, instead of requiring each member of the board to serve for a period of four years.

· Approval of a reconfiguration of the baseball diamond at Heiselts Hollow so that it can also be used by girls softball teams. This consists of removing the grass in the diamond and replacing it with dirt.