June 5, 2013

Recently the city performed a survey to get feedback from residents and from those in surrounding cities on a variety of topics regarding Cedar Hills. The results provided valuable information. Two of the topics were on how Cedar Hills is viewed and what challenges we face. Overwhelmingly, the top three descriptions provided were that we are a family-friendly city, safe, and provide several recreational opportunities. When it came to challenges, the biggest ones were lack of economic development and a lack of awareness as to where and who Cedar Hills is.

Over the next several months we will be developing and implementing branding strategies to help bring awareness to who Cedar Hills is and what we have to offer. The purpose of this will be to bring in more commercial business and to increase participation in our many recreational opportunities, both at our new Community Recreation Center and in our parks. With this we will also work on identifying additional family-friendly events to offer to those in our community.

This branding process will take some time. I will provide updates through this newsletter and on the city’s Facebook page. We encourage residents to give feedback and/or suggestions on how we can improve our visibility to those outside of our community. We also encourage residents to take part in any additional surveys that may come out so that many different views and ideas can be discussed. Cedar Hills is a wonderful city and we are excited to bring attention to all we have to offer. Questions, feedback, and suggestions on the branding process may be sent to: jrees@cedarhills.org.