The National Weather Service has indicated that Utah continues to be in a drought. This summer we are focusing on water conservation measures and education in hopes that we can significantly reduce the amount of water being used through our pressurized irrigation (PI) system. Last year we used almost three times more water than we should have, based on state watering guidelines. Using this much water means we must add culinary (drinking) water to the PI system. It also places a strain on the PI infrastructure and causes water pressure issues. Additionally, with Utah continuing to be in a drought, we are not guaranteed to receive all of our water shares and there is a higher risk of wild fires, which also impacts our water resources.

We are asking for voluntary water conservation measures for every household. Our resident driven Water Conservation Committee recommended an initial goal of a 50% reduction of PI water used. In order to help accomplish this, the city’s public works staff has been adjusting the watering schedule on city property and has been installing rain sensors on the sprinkler systems for our parks, so that the sprinklers will not be on during rain storms. We will be providing a variety of education guides for residents throughout the summer, including a State suggested watering schedule and regular updates on how much water the city has consumed.

We ask that you visit the city’s webpage and/or social media sites often in order to stay updated with our watering usage and adjust accordingly. You can also find many helpful tips and sign up for a free water check at With the help of all residents we can achieve our goal of significantly reducing our water consumption and conserving this valuable resource.

Jenney Rees – City Council