June 28, 2013

The City had a utility rate study completed by Bowen, Collins & Associates. As recommended in the study, to continue the appropriate level of service and to help keep the infrastructure maintained, the City raised some of its utility rates effective July 1, 2013 (see chart below). To view the complete rate changes and to read the study, please visit the Utility Billing Rates page on the City’s website, or view the chart below:

WATER BASE RATE Per Household = $6.06 Per Household = $6.41
WATER USAGE Per 1K Gallons = $1.31 Per 1K Gallons = $1.40
SEWER USAGE Per 1K Gallons = $3.13 Per 1K Gallons = $3.43
STORM DRAIN Per Household = $7.69 Per Household = $8.18
ADDITIONAL GARBAGE TOTER Per Household = $7.13 Per Household = $10.92

Did you know? A recycling toter is only $4.79 per month, and each additional toter is only $2.24 per month. With the additional garbage toter fees increasing, now is the perfect time to save some money and help the environment. The City’s recycling program accepts plastic bottles and jars #1 through #7; junk mail and newspapers; old phone books and magazines; aluminum, steel, and tin cans; and broken down cardboard, but no glass or Styrofoam. Call the City office today to order your recycling toters.