August 23, 2013

The City has been monitoring water levels this year, as snow pack and reservoir levels are low, which means that water supply is significantly lower than in previous years. A recent review of water consumption determined that the City has supplied approximately 1.2 billion gallons of water through the pressurized irrigation system this year to date. Based on state recommended outdoor water usage, this amount is enough to water 9,160 homes. The City has just over 2,500 homes. At this rate, there is a concern that the City will not have the necessary water infrastructure capacity for current households, combined with additional growth.

Because the level of water consumption through the pressurized irrigation system is higher than anticipated, the City is being forced to supplement the PI system with culinary water from City wells. While we are not experiencing any culinary water shortages at this time, it is always a concern when this occurs.

At this time the City asks all residents to voluntarily reduce outdoor watering as the season winds down. The State-recommended watering schedule for North Utah County during the month of September is one cycle every six days, with no watering necessary in October. Staff will continue to monitor levels to determine how this reduction is affecting water levels. If voluntary participation is not enough to reduce overall water usage, then the City may need to enact an official ordinance to ration pressurized irrigation water times and amounts.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to the City. The State of Utah’s recommended watering schedule may be found online at