October 18, 2013

Utah Governor Gary Herbert has issued a certificate of recognition to the City of Cedar Hills for being a business-friendly community. The recognition, dated Oct. 16, 2013, comes as a result of the City complying with a request from Herbert to all cities in Utah to review their codes and ordinances to ascertain that all regulations are conducive to business growth. In 2011, Governor Herbert initiated just such a review of the State’s then 1,969 administrative rules. It resulted in the revision or elimination of some 368 rules that inhibited business growth. At that time, the Governor challenged the Utah business community to create 100,000 jobs in 1,000 days. At the half way mark, Utah had created 63,600 jobs. Utah’s unemployment rate of 4.6 percent is far below the national average. Jobs are growing at 2.6 percent, nearly twice the national rate.

At the recent conclusion of the City’s review of its administrative rules, it was ascertained that there were very few, if any, regulations that were hindering business growth. A copy of the Governor’s certificate may be viewed here.