May 5, 2015

The city’s Beautification Committee sponsored and organized a community service day on Saturday, May 2. Over 50 volunteers answered the call and came out to improve the city by their good efforts. One of the projects was to plant flowers at the Cedar Hills Drive roundabout, one of the main entry corridors into the city. Several families volunteered to do the planting, which took most of the morning.

Another project entailed sprucing up some of the trails throughout the city. There were several families along with a youth group that participated in this project, clearing miles of trails of trash and debris.

The third project involved improving another entry corridor into the city from the south on Canyon Road. Some time ago an Eagle Scout project installed a stone sign, marking the entry boundary into Cedar Hills. With the help of many volunteers this slope was cleared of all the overgrown vegetation, graded, lined with landscape fabric, and covered with landscape rocks. All of this was completed on Saturday morning with the cooperative teamwork of the many volunteers involved.

The committee was very excited to have so many individuals, families, and groups from the community participate in this activity. After all the good service was completed, the volunteers met at Heritage Park and enjoyed a lunch that was provided by the service day committee. All who came enjoyed the time together and reflected on the projects that had been completed that morning.