May 31, 2019

  1. Limited amount of progress was made due to weather conditions.
  2. Concrete work will resume as the ground dries to meet standards.
  3. Next week’s meeting will be onsite to evaluate the areas where asphalt repair is required.
  4. 9220 N asphalt placement will be completed in conjunction with other area placement.
  5. Cedar Hills fire hydrant evaluation requests will be reviewed this week.
  6. Micro-surface and stripping is anticipated to be completed prior to school starting (August).
  7. Pleasant Grove portion of the project has a number of additional tasks to be completed and will intermittently disrupt traffic flow for the foreseeable future. This includes the 2600 north intersection. The weather has created delays in this area but of greater concern is the strong possibility of subgrade water infiltration through the road area. Plans to investigate this with test holes has been delayed by weather conditions. After the testing and evaluations are completed a plan to resolve the issue will be created. With design available the contractor will be able to move forward with construction. We can expect traffic control and slight delays in the area for the next weeks.
  8. The contractors are working within reasonable time frames considering the weather conditions and their needed direction from engineering.
  9. Please try to avoid the areas where construction is underway and if in the areas be considerate of those trying to improve conditions and complete the project. North Utah County Blvd. is a recognized alternative route for North/ South travel requirements.
  10. An updated schedule of work by area will be provided by the contractor next Thursday.