On March 19, 2014, the City Council held a Public Hearing regarding the proposed development by Blu Line Design. This proposal is for a senior living facility located at approximately 4600 W. Cedar Hills Drive. Several residents attended the hearing and gave feedback. We appreciate the time and input those residents gave that night.

Some points from the meeting: This is a congregate care facility that is privately funded. The estimated value of the facility is $24-$30 million. It would be evaluated as a commercial facility, so would be taxed at 100% of the value of the building. This would bring in an estimated $68-$86k annually to the city in property taxes. The closest comparison is Walmart, which brings in $23,264 in property taxes each year. Taxes to Alpine School district would be about $260,000 each year without any negative impact on schools, as no school age children can live at the facility. While any development will require some infrastructure needs, the developer will be responsible for the improvements not already in place. Access roads, sewer, and water lines are already in place. Upon final approval, the developer would be required to purchase water rights.

After listening to the concerns of residents from that night and the weeks leading up to this meeting, some members of the Council expressed concern with the height of the building and the number of units, which would add approximately 450 new residents in that facility. There was also concern expressed that while this facility would be billed as a commercial entity for property taxes, it doesn’t fall in line with our design guidelines for the area that specify this development should be more of a retail entity. Blu Line has been very open to making changes upon hearing concerns from the city and from residents, and after hearing all the comments that night, asked the Council to table the item so they could make changes to the proposal. The Council agreed, and the item has been tabled. Blu Line will make another presentation with changes at a later date.

Again, we appreciate the comments we’ve received from residents throughout this process. We will continue to keep everyone informed through updates on the city’s website and through this newsletter. Please visit the website for past information and further updates. On the city’s website search for the City Council agenda page for March 19, 2014.

Jenney Rees, City Council