August 18, 2018

The crossing guard lights will be flashing and the sidewalks will be filled with kids eager to attend school. The city asks for your help in keeping our children safe as they walk to and from school. Please take a few minutes and explain the following precautions to your children:

  • If your child needs to cross Cedar Hills Drive or Harvey Boulevard to get to their destination (school or home), PLEASE encourage them to use the crosswalk with the crossing guard, located in front of the school. The roundabout and trail crossings do not have a crossing guard and can be dangerous.
  • Encourage your child to stand on the sidewalk until the crossing guard motions for them to cross the street. They are not to follow the crossing guard into the street until the crossing guard motions to them that it is safe.
  • Encourage your child to walk quickly, not run, across the crosswalk. Bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc., are not to be ridden in the crosswalk, but need to be walked or carried while crossing.

Please slow down; the posted speed in a school zone is 20 mph. Leave home early enough to avoid rushing through the school zones. Watch carefully for children and the crossing guards. Let us make this another happy and safe year. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the city office.