December 3, 2017

Regarding on-street parking, the city’s ordinance states: “It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle in the same location on a street or municipal property for a continuous period of time exceeding 48 hours” (Ordinance 8-6-2008A). In addition to this regulation, which remains in effect, there are added restrictions during the winter months. Street parking is prohibited when one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • when snow is falling
  • when there is a visible amount of snow on the street
  • when the street has not been plowed since the last snowfall
  • between the hours of 1:00am and 7:00am November 1 through March 31
  • during snow/ice removal

Keeping the roadway clear of vehicles increases safety for other drivers and reduces obstructions during snow removal. If cars are parked on a road during snow removal operations, the street may not get plowed, due to an increased risk of damage and collision. Thank you for adhering to the city’s street parking regulations.