December 14, 2017

The Beautification, Recreation, Parks and Trails Citizen Advisory Committee sponsored the Light Up Cedar Hills contest again this year. Judges drove around the city on December 15 to determine who had the best outdoor lighting displays. Winners from each voting precinct were selected. More homes will be added to this page as the photos become available, and the winners will also be named in the city’s January newsletter. 

Crawley, 10284 N Carriage Lane

Dan & Nicole Crawley
10284 N Carriage Lane


 Haag, 10683 N SpyglassHaag, 10683 N Spyglass

 Darin & Marie Haag
10683 N Spyglass


Higbee, 10368 N Birch Cove

The Higbees
10368 N Birch Cove