September 2, 2015

The results of the primary election canvass, which was held at a scheduled city council meeting on August 25, have spurred a request from one of the candidates for a recount of the ballots.

Curt Crosby was the unofficial election-day sixth-place candidate. However, a difference of one vote allowed candidate Brian Miller to move forward to the general election. Miller moved from eighth place to sixth place following the canvass. There are only six openings on the November ballot to fill three vacancies on the city council. A total of 102 valid ballots arrived in the mail after election day, August 11, and were credited for the change. Additionally, 12 provisional ballots were received that had to be verified by the county clerk as legal before they could be counted. 

By state law, if the difference between the number of votes cast for a winning candidate and a losing candidate in the race is equal to or less than .25% of the total number of votes cast for all candidates, that losing candidate may file a request for a recount. Crosby requested the recount of the 4057 total votes cast. The recount will be supervised by the Cedar Hills city recorder, who will hire poll workers to perform the task. According to state law, any costs incurred may not be assessed against the person requesting the recount.

Upon completion of the recount, the election officer will convene the board of canvassers to canvass the election returns. The canvassers’ report is the official result of the race that is the subject of the recount. 

Outcome of the canvassed election results:

Jenney Rees, 803

Angela Johnson, 753

Mike Geddes, 611

Ben Bailey, 444

Paul Sorenson, 425

Brian Miller, 284

Craig Clement, 283

Curt Crosby, 279 

Chris Fowler, 175