As some of you may already know, our contract with Lone Peak Public Safety ends on June 30th, 2019 and American Fork Fire will be the agency providing fire and EMS services to our city effective July 1st, 2019.
We want to express our appreciation for the men and women who work for Lone Peak Public Safety. Our city has been well served by their fire and EMS teams for many years. We are grateful to each of them for their commitment and their service.
We also want to welcome American Fork Fire to our city. We’ve had a long and valuable relationship with American Fork Police and have no doubt that our relationship with American Fork Fire will be just as good.
Our goal is to continue to provide high-quality service while also planning for our future needs with the understanding that our city will not be experiencing much new growth. We look forward to a long partnership with American Fork Police and Fire and appreciate their leadership and teams for contributing to our community.

Here is a message from Fire Chief, Aaron Brems American Fork Fire & Rescue

96 N. Center St.
American Fork, Utah 84003

Phone: (801) 763-3045 Fax: (801) 763-3011

June 26, 2019

Cedar Hills Citizens,

As many of you are aware, American Fork Fire & Rescue (AFFR) will begin servicing the City of Cedar Hills at Noon on July 1, 2019.  It is a great honor as the Fire Chief to be able to start providing Fire and Paramedic Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to each of you on a daily basis.  The Fire Station in Cedar Hills will be staffed 24/7 with a Fire Engine and a Paramedic Ambulance, providing the highest level of public safety services to each of you.

As Fire Chief, I want each of you to know that our firefighters and staff are very excited to be a part of your community and we want each of you to know that we ARE your fire department.  We are very much a part of the communities we serve, and we will continue that tradition of being visible in the community and working closely with each of you, as well as the city administration and staff. I encourage you to please stop by the fire station and say hello to your local firefighters and if you ever need assistance scheduling a tour please give us a call at our administration building at 801-763-3045.

The professional women/men that will be providing services in Cedar Hills are trained in every aspect of emergent response including:

  • Fire
  • EMS
  • Hazardous Materials Response
  • High and Low Angle Rescue
  • Trench and Confined Space Rescue
  • Ice and Swift Water Rescue
  • Wildland Urban Interface

We will also provide many non-emergent services.  These services include:

  • Public Safety Presentations and Firehouse Tours
  • Elementary Fire Safety Programs
  • Youth Firesetter Prevention and Intervention Program
  • CPR/First Aid Classes
  • Car Seat Installation and Donation Programs
  • Smoke Detector Donation Programs
  • Business Inspections
  • Fire Hydrant Inspections

The department motto of our organization is “ALWAYS READY”, and when called upon we will respond in a rapid, professional, compassionate manner.  The members of AFFR are proud to serve the citizens of Cedar Hills.


Aaron Brems | Fire Chief

Mission Statement

We have one mission: We believe in creating a safer everyday life, so you can live better. We back that up with our passionate people, premier performance, and an almost obsessive drive to innovate and improve as progressive partners—with both the citizens of American Fork and Cedar Hills, as well as others in the Fire & Rescue community.