September 4, 2007

OFFICIAL PROCLAMATION from the City of Cedar Hills, Utah, on September 4, 2007to the Pleasant Grove and Cedar Hills residents of the Manila area.

We, the legally and lawfully elected leaders of the City of Cedar Hills, believing that a number of our policies have been misunderstood and/or misrepresented to the general public, and

Believing that these misunderstandings have been the major cause of fear, confusion, and contention that has divided neighbor against neighbor, family against family, and city against city, and

Desiring peace, harmony and goodwill in our communities despite the goofy and illogical political boundary that exists between the above named cities, we do hereby officially proclaim to our Pleasant Grove and Cedar Hills neighbors in the Manila area the following:

We acknowledge that for many years Cedar Hills Mayors and Councils have been sensitive to concerns of forced annexations and have avoided including properties whose owners did not desire annexation into our Town.

We declare that to the best of our knowledge all properties currently within the boundaries of Cedar Hills, were annexed into Cedar Hills at the request of, and with the signatures of each property’s owners in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah.

We further reaffirm that it is the policy of the City of Cedar Hills to, 1) provide municipal services to all residents who reside within the legal boundaries of the lawfully incorporated City of Cedar Hills, Utah; 2) to encourage other municipalities to provide municipal services to all residents who reside within their corporate boundaries; 3) to allow all those residents who reside north of the Murdock Canal, and who wish to boundary adjust into the City of Cedar Hills, to do so in accordance with all the laws and regulations of the State of Utah pertaining to boundary adjustments; and 4) To act as wise and prudent stewards over taxpayer funds, and to protect and uphold the financial interests of the City of Cedar Hills.

We do solemnly attest that the above is true to the best of our knowledge and that we have the legal authority to enter into contract in behalf of the City of Cedar Hills according to the terms enumerated herein.

Mayor Michael C. McGee                                          Jim Perry, City Council

Eric Richardson, City Council                                  Charelle Bowman, City Council

Joel Wright, City Council                                         Gary Maxwell, City Council

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