Recent News

All Vote-by-Mail 2015 Elections

Cedar Hills will conduct all vote-by-mail elections in 2015. Ballots for the Primary Election will be mailed out to registered voters by Tuesday, July 14, and for the General Election by Tuesday, October 6. Completed ballots must be returned by mail and clearly postmarked before Election Day, August 11, 2015, or placed in the ballot box at the Cedar Hills city office building by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Cedar Hills Youth Theater Presents: Disney’s Mulan Jr.—The Musical

Hey, kids! Interested in musical theater? On Tuesday evenings starting August 25, the city offers theater classes for kids ages 8-18. Exceptions can be made for seven year olds on a case-by-case basis. During this twelve-week course students will learn the basics and finer points of musical theater, while rehearsing and performing Disney’s Mulan Jr.

Yards of the Month

The Barlow Residence on SpyglassEach month during the summer, the Beautification Committee gives awards to residents in recognition of their efforts to beautify the city. Photos of the 2015 Yards of the Month winners are available for viewing on the city’s website Yards of the Month page.

Concert in the Park

The Cedar Hills Summer Concert Series continues on August 8 with some amazing local talent. The free concert will feature local bands and music artists. Come and enjoy the sights, sounds, and relaxing atmosphere at the Cedar Hills Heritage Park amphitheater. The music begins at 7:00 p.m. There will also be a "makeup" concert on August 29 for the one that was rained out on June 6. This will feature Bayloaf 4 and Sabrina Hasket.

City's Monthly Utility Statements Going Paperless Soon

As of August 1, the city is going paperless. This means, if you have an Internet connection and an email address, you can view current and past statements online at Once the account is established on Xpress Bill Pay, select the paperless billing option.

Myrtle Spurge: Invasive Ornamental Plant Threatening Foothills and National Forests

Myrtle Spurge is an invasive ornamental plant, popular in xeriscapes and rock gardens. Not only is this non-native weed threatening our foothills and national forests, but it is also a public health threat. Caution must be taken to avoid skin and eye irritation from contact with the plant sap. Also, if sap is ingestived, it can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. View a brochure, created by the Bonneville CWMA with the US Forest Service and the Utah Weed Supervision Association.

$500 Reward Offered for Vandalism Information

We are disappointed to report that the face panels on the city’s Community Recreation Center sign, located at the intersection of Canyon Road and Bayhill Drive, have been extensively vandalized on six different occasions since its installation less than six months ago. The face panels for this sign cost over $1,000 to replace, so the city has been temporarily repairing the panel

Have You Seen the Bookmobile?

The Utah County Bookmobile comes to town every other Monday (August 10 and 24) from 1:00 to 3:00 (new summer hours) and will be parked at the LDS church located at the roundabout behind Walmart. This service is offered at no cost to the city or its residents. You may obtain a library card  directly from the bookmobile when it is in Cedar Hills.

Motorized Vehicles Prohibited on City Property

No motorized vehicles are allowed on city property, i.e. parks, golf course, etc. ATVs and other vehicles on the lawns at Mesquite and other parks damage the grass and sprinklers. These activities severely damage the turf, and in some cases takes an entire season to restore. Please be considerate in this regard to help maintain and protect this valuable resource.