September 2018 – Mayor’s Message
Certified Property Tax Rate

August 2018 – Mayor’s Message
Accessory Dwelling Units

July 2018 – Mayor’s Message
Curbside Recycling Rates & Fireworks Restrictions

June 2018 – Mayor’s Message
Family Festival Contributes to a Hometown Feel

May 2018 – Mayor’s Message
Settlement of Development Agreement

April 2018 – Mayor’s Message
Crime Prevention Tips

March 2018 – Mayor’s Message
City Will Seek Bids for Public Safety Services

February 2018 – Mayor’s Message
Legislation to Penalize Cities Lacking Affordable Housing

November 2017

October 2017

September 2017

August 2017

July 2017

June 2017

June 2017 – Actions taken by the Council in May

May 2017 – Actions taken by the Council in April

April 2017 – Actions taken by the Council in March

March 2017 – Actions taken by the Council in February

February 2017 – Emailed City Meeting Agendas; Upcoming Meetings of Interest to Residents

December 2016 – Joint meeting with Pleasant Grove City Council regarding Canyon Road issues.

November 2016 – Alpine School District Bond; Nets at the Driving Range; Ownership of Canyon Road; CARE Tax

October 2016 – Bayhill Park; Moratorium on Renewable Energy Permits; City Participates in Development Grant

Beginning in March of 2016 council members have the opportunity to provide links to their council blogs, where city-related information can be shared. We hope this will increase communication and will provide a variety of views on the important topics facing our city. For the blog addresses please see any online city newsletter beginning March 2016. 

February 2016 – Topics: “Moratorium on the Commercial Zone” and “Resident Survey”

January 2016 – Topics: “Volunteering” and “The Future of the Golf Course”