Cedar Hills City Offices and Public Works Facility, 10246 N Canyon Road

Main Office

Phone: 801-785-9668
Fax: 801-796-3543
E-mail: aandersen@cedarhills.org
After-Hours Emergency:
(water, sewer, roads) 801-420-2243

Location & Mailing Address
City of Cedar Hills
10246 N. Canyon Road
Cedar Hills, UT 84062

Driving Directions to City Hall

City Staff

Chandler Goodwin, City Manager/Planner City Manager/Planning
Chandler Goodwin
Ext. 101 cgoodwin@cedarhills.org
Gretchen Gordon, Executive Assistant Executive Assistant
Gretchen Gordon
Ext. 102 gordon@cedarhills.org
Administrative Assistant/ Front Desk
Alex Andersen
Ext. 100 aandersen@cedarhills.org
Colleen Mulvey, City Recorder City Recorder/Passports
Colleen Mulvey MMC
Ext. 503 cmulvey@cedarhills.org
Laurie Petersen, Management Intern Emergency Mgt. Specialist/
Administrative Analyst
Laurie Petersen
Ext. 104 lpetersen@cedarhills.org
Charl Louw, Finance Director Finance Director
Charl Louw
Ext. 401 clouw@cedarhills.org
Dax Fossum, Finance Analyst (Payables) Finance Analyst (Payables)
Dax Fossum
Ext. 402 accountspayable@cedarhills.org
Tara Freeman, Utility Billing Accounting Associate (Utility Accounts)
Tara Freeman
Ext. 400 utilitybilling@cedarhills.org
Jeff Maag, Public Works Director Public Works Director/Building Official
Jeff Maag
Ext. 201 jmaag@cedarhills.org
Assistant Public Works Director
Kevin Anderson
Ext. 202 kanderson@cedarhills.org
Brenda Shuman, Public Works Assistant Public Works/Building Dept. Assistant
Brenda Shuman
Ext. 200 bshuman@cedarhills.org
Building Department Assistant 
Sarah Sampson
Ext. 204 ssampson@cedarhills.org
Public Works After-Hours Emergency (water, sewer, roads)  801-420-2243 Call 911 for other emergencies
Jenny Peay, Code Enforcement Officer Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer
Jenny Peay
Ext. 500 jpeay@cedarhills.org
Janeen (Jake) Parduhn, Management Analyst Business Licensing
Janeen (Jake) Parduhn 
 Ext. 504  jparduhn@cedarhills.org
Greg Gordon, Recreation Director Recreation Director
Greg Gordon
Ext. 601 ggordon@cedarhills.org
Laurie Anderson, Sports Coordinator Recreation Manager
Laurie Anderson
Ext. 302 landerson@cedarhills.org
Nicole Allen, Youth Theater Coordinator Youth Theater Coordinator
Nicole Allen
Stephanie Martinez, YCC Advisor YCC Advisor
Stephanie Martinez
Becky Galloway, Vista Room Events Manager Vista Room Events Manager
Becky Galloway
Ext. 300 events@cedarhills.org
Vista Room Events Asst. Coordinator
Courtney Hooker
Ext. 300 events@cedarhills.org
Wade Doyle, Golf Operations Manager Golf Operations Manager
Wade Doyle
Ext. 603 wdoyle@cedarhills.org

City Government: Mayor and City Council

Jenney Rees, Mayor Jenney Rees, Mayor 801-358-8730 jrees@cedarhills.org
Ben Bailey, City Council Member Ben Bailey 801-420-2529 bbailey@cedarhills.org
Denise Andersen, City Council Member Denise Andersen 801-228-8304 dandersen@cedarhills.org
Mike Geddes, City Council Member Mike Geddes 801-787-8238 mgeddes@cedarhills.org
Ben Ellsworth, City Council Member Ben Ellsworth 805-236-0814 bellsworth@cedarhills.org
Brian Miller, City Council Member Brian J. Miller 801-920-7534 bmiller@cedarhills.org

Utah State Government

House (District 65)
Senate (District 27)
Congress (3rd District)

Safety Services

EMERGENCY (fire, medical, police) 911
Non-Emergency Dispatch (24-hour service) 801-794-3970
Police (American Fork) 801-763-3020
Animal Control (American Fork) 801-763-3020
Deer Removal within Cedar Hills – Call the Division of Wildlife Services (DWR) 801-491-5678
Deer Removal on Canyon Road – Call Eco Life 435-283-6002
Rocks on S.R. 146 (Canyon Road) and S.R. 92 (Highland Highway) – Call Utah County Sheriff Dispatch 801-851-4000
Fire Department (American Fork) 801-763-3040

Public Schools

Cedar Ridge Elementary 801-610-8103
Deerfield Elementary 801-610-8106
Mountain Ridge Jr. High 801-610-8758
Lone Peak High School 801-610-8810
American Fork High School 801-610-8575
Alpine School District 801-610-8400

Other Community Services/Utilities

Post Office (Pleasant Grove) 801-785-5589
Rocky Mountain Power (electricity) 1-888-221-7070
Dominion Energy (formerly Questar Gas) 1-800-323-5517
Waste Management (call city office for toter management) 801-785-9668, ext. 0
Waste Management 24-hour Call Center (call for missed pickup) 801-785-3000, option 4
North Pointe SWSSD – Landfill Transfer Station (Lindon) 801-225-8538
Timpanogos Special Service District (sewer treatment) 801-756-5231
Animal Shelter (Lindon) 801-785-3442
Motor Vehicle Title & Registration 1-800-368-8824
Driver License Office (Orem) 801-965-4437
Passports (Cedar Hills) 801-785-9668, ext. 503
Request Phone Book (Dex Distribution Center) 1-800-888-8448
Social Security Administration 801-377-5651
UDOT Region 3 Orem Office 801-227-8000
United Way Referral Service Dial 211
Utah County Elections Office 801-851-8128
Utah County Health Dept. (American Fork) 801-851-7333
Utah County Treasurer (property taxes) 801-851-8244
US Forest Service (Ranger Station) 801-785-3563
Poison Control 1-800-222-1222
Blue Stakes (Call before you dig!) dial 811
USU Extension Services (report bee swarms) 801-851-8463