May 2, 2017

Recently, Cedar Hills authorized tests to be conducted on secondary water, soil, and sediment samples in light of the unplanned release of sediment from Tibble Fork Reservoir into the American Fork River on August 23, 2016. The samples were collected from various sites in Cedar Hills that rely on secondary water from the American Fork River. The tests were performed by Chemtech-Ford Laboratories, and a report, dated March 30, 2017, was sent by them to Cedar Hills administration. 

Please view Chemtech-Ford Laboratories Certificate of Analysis to access the test results and analyses. The samples were tested for a variety of metals. The data supports the following findings:

  • Total metal concentrations in water quality samples collected between March 21 and 29 do not exceed recreational water screening values.
  • Metal concentrations in soil and sediment samples collected between March 21 and 29 do not exceed health-based comparison sediment values for recreation.

Chandler Goodwin
City Manager/ Planner
City of Cedar Hills

COVID-19 Update

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